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Elsa was born a dog. I was born a human.
Things have changed.

A new book by Rhoda Lerman, author of
In the Company of Newfies.

“I love what Ms. Lerman says about dogs [in Elsa Was Born A Dog]! Her deep love of dogs come through and she asks all the profound questions that we dog people are always asking: just who are these animals/people? – Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson author of When Elephants Weep; The Emotional Life of Animals  and Dogs Never Lie about Love

elsa book winnerDog Writer’s Association of America
Merial Special Award
Best Human/Animal Bond Work
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In Rhoda Lerman’s newest book about her dogs, we get to know Elsa, a very large, black and white Newfoundland, as she struggles to be human, to speak, to act, and to think as we do. Because of her profound and intense relationship with her humans, Elsa has become a person-dog, happily living her life on the interface between human and dog. Lerman, who is always trying to understand her dogs and join their universe, has struggled to become a dog-person. Elsa and Lerman understand each other.

When Elsa has puppies, seventeen of them all at once, it is important that the 150 pound Newfoundland is able to remember her dog instincts. But Elsa is a reluctant mom, overwhelmed and terrified, and she needs Lerman to take over the task of caring for her enormous litter. As Elsa (person-dog) and Lerman (dog-person) live through the fragile, joyful, terror-filled days of birth and growth, we watch as the two of them discover more of what they need to know about each other and ultimately about the universe. Much praised fiction writer and playwright, Lerman’s first book about dogs, IN THE COMPANY OF NEWFIES, now a classic, has become a bible for dog owners for its depth of understanding and vision. This book takes the reader to new and visionary levels about the relationship between dogs and people and what is possible.

“Rhoda Lerman is a find. Go out an find her.”
– New York Times

Reviews for Rhoda Lerman’s first dog book,
In the Company of Newfies

“Extraordinary…exceptional…unusually lyrical writing, observations beautifully expressed…(a) truly unique voice. Now the best news: In the Company of Newfies is, indeed, being republished. A true collector’s item.”
– George Berger, Publisher, AKC Gazette

“In The Hidden Life of Dogs Elizabeth Marshall Thomas asked what dogs want. Rhoda Lerman has come up with a different answer. I love both books because the authors have so much in common.”
– Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of When Elephants Weep; The Emotional Life of Animals , Los Angeles Times

“This is a book that you can read and share with your dogs. You can share it with your husband too, although he may not be as much fun.”
– Rita Mae Brown author of Rubyfruit Jungle

“Tender and elegantly written account of a relationship between humans and animals. Lerman has captured that sweet relationship with her gift for words.”
– Alix Madrigal, San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle

“Will surely touch a chord with dog lovers.” – Booklist

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  1. If anyone wants a first edition, please let me know asap so I can snag one for you in advance of the printing . The printing is imminent. The last time we had the In the ompany of Newfies published it was selling on EBay for 896 dollars. :{eople who loaned it outand didn’t get it back were really unhappy.

  2. OK, now I’ve read the first two chapters and need more! Get that print edition out soon, OK??? Kindle Is The Devil’s Work!! :-))

  3. Hi Rhoda, We spoke a couple years ago on the phone as I was looking for a companion for my Chloe Newf. I read and re-read your book, In the company of Newfies. Could NOT put it down and my Chloe was right here in bed as I read away. I have to have your newest book. I lost my Chloe in March to a brain tumor. Very fast and so, so heartbreaking. My heart still bleeds for her. I find there doesn’t quite seem to be a reason to rush home anymore. I am going to be purchasing a new pup in about 6 months or so when I get settled in my new home. Although I would love one of your pups, I just am stuck on the blacks. Can you recommend a good breeder in NY? It must be a sound and healthy pup at any cost. Thank you so much for the enjoyment of your writing, and for letting me into your life and the dogs. I will be sending on a check for the new book and shipping soon. Take care and God be with you and your beautiful babies. Betsy Scott

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