Talking Dogs?

In the new book there is chapter about dogs talking. It was too late to add to the book but I would like to report four Jack Russells who live on a boat in Key West who have said, Let’s go! and Where were you? If anyone has more reports I would be very grateful.

One thought on “Talking Dogs?

  1. Yesterday at the vet, we asked Tahoe, our 8 year old malamute, what all the racket is in the car when we are coming down the canyon to go to town. He barks starting at the house all the way down the hill. He asked what “racket” is! When we explained it to him through our awesome vet who can talk with the animals he said that he was just so excited to be in the car and going somewhere! Barking is talking. OK Tahoe, you can bark all you want, but maybe not in my ear.

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